Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Thus starts my second (or..wait..third?) endeavour into the blogosphere. I'm not going to include links to my past blogs, because frankly, they're embrassing. They were also rather ephemeral, which is more unneeded evidence of the fact that "Ira doesn't follow though", as Mom would say.

I'm making this blog to post and talk about things that are interesting to me in the moment. I have a website that I was hoping would fulfill this purpose (at least on the music side of things), but truthfully, I'm really lazy. I find a blog is probably a better vehicle for getting my thoughts out there than updating an entire site. Plus, blogs come with lower expecations, so the self-criticism can be eased up a bit.

What's with the title? Well, you try finding a neat-ish title that another Blogger user hasn't claimed! When I think of a top drawer, I think of cool, important thigns that you keep around because they mean something to you. Those are the kinds of things I want to post about.

What does that include: music, style, design, news, art, animation, rants (embittered and otherwise), opinions, news, science, pinings....the list goes on. And yes, I do mean science. Being a plant biology grad student means that this is probably one of the only blogs on the net where you'll hear about great old-school hip hop and plant development at the SAME TIME! I'm actually kind of proud of that, too.

I hope we have a wonderful life together.


:: ira

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